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Clicks Helping Hands Trust has opened all Clicks clinic doors for HIV testing and Moms and Babies services, with over 55, 000 baby consultations and family planning consultations performed to date. All clinics also now offer free services on a campaign basis, and have delivered a further 48 000 free consultations during, Heart Health, Diabetes and HIV Awareness campaigns. Currently, it cost over R4500 to vaccinate a child for the first 18 months of their lives. Free baby vaccinations and family planning medication are now available at all Clicks Clinics in the Western Cape, as a result of a partnership between the Western Cape Government Health Department and Clicks. Similar partnerships in 3 other provinces are currently being finalised. The Trust is able to continue the work it does through financial support and donations from Clicks, its’ employees, suppliers and other organisations with aligned goals.

Moms and Babies programme

The Click Helping Hand Trust Moms and Babies programme offers free clinic services every Thursday afternoon at selected clinics. These services are available to mothers whose babies were born in state hospitals, and who don’t have access to medical aid. The trust was launched in 2011 in response to the need to reduce infant and maternal mortality in South Africa. The free services offered include baby immunisation (where state stock is available), growth measurement and baby weighing, feeding and nutritional advice, as well as family planning advice and medication (where state stock is available). For more information go to Clicks Helping Hands.

Health Campaigns

Clicks Helping Hand Trust Moms extends it hand further with other focused health campaigns through the year, aligned with the National Health Calendar. We are focused on working with the National government to improve the health of all South Africans, by helping every South African to know their health status. These campaigns include, Heart Health with free blood pressure and cholesterol testing, Diabetes Awareness with free glucose and blood pressure testing and HIV Awareness with free HIV testing. These free services are available in all clinics during campaigns.

Girls on the Go Community Programme

Whilst most of our funds are spent in Clicks, we are constantly aware of the numerous needs of our communities. One concern that landed in our hearts was the issue of schoolgirls missing school during their menstrual cycles. Our journey has leaded us to partner with Subz pads and panties and their community programme, Project Dignity. Subz produces a washable, re-usable, SABS-approved sanitary pad that lasts up to 5 year. This means that the schoolgirls we reach, depending on their age, will be equipped to stay in school in their formative years comfortable in the knowledge that their monthly cycle will not disturb their academic progress.

The project was launched in 2016, reaching 5000 girls during this year.

Clicks Helping Hand Trust

Other beneficiaries of the group’s social investment include organisations such as:

Carel du Toit Centre

The approach followed at The Carel du Toit Centre is based on the early identification of the hearing loss and the fitting of hearing-aids or a cochlear implant.

We believe that with early identification, providing there are no further complications, a large percentage of deaf children are able to acquire sufficient speech and language abilities in order to be able to adapt intellectually, socially and emotionally in a society of hearing people.

The Topsy Foundation

The Topsy Foundation, a fully-registered and internationally-respected South African Non-Profit Organisation, provides relief services to some of South Africa’s most under-resourced rural communities through a multi-faceted approach to the consequences of HIV and AIDS and extreme poverty.

Topsy’s interventions are characterised by the provision of medical and social services (with a strong emphasis on wellness) to people and families who do not otherwise have ready access to such services. Typical interventions include the provision of professional medical treatment (including antiretroviral therapy) to people living with HIV and AIDS (PLWHAs) and the treatment of other illnesses; the holistic care of orphaned and vulnerable children; the provision of food and nutritional supplementation to households threatened by malnutrition; and job creation to help alleviate poverty.

Since the disease has an impact in every area of life, the work of the Topsy Foundation seeks to intervene commensurately. It has a vision of flourishing rural communities where people have the tools for change and where young people, in particular, are productive members of society, in spite of the impact of HIV and AIDS and poverty.

The Topsy Foundation partners with communities in and around the crossroads of the Mpumalanga, Free State and Gauteng provinces. Activities take place from a central project site at Grootvlei, in Mpumalanga Province, called the Topsy Sanctuary.

The organisation was conceptualised and founded in 2000 by Duke Kaufman, Silja Elena and Doug Maritz. The mission of the Topsy Foundation is fulfilled using inter-related programmes which operate together to help prevent HIV and AIDS and alleviate its consequences.

These programmes operate a number of inter-related projects. Frequently, the activities carried out in one project fulfil the mandates of more than one programme. It is precisely this web of intervention that is helping to bring social, economic and physical change within the communities Topsy serves.