Investor Relations | ADR Programme

Clicks Group has a non-capital raising sponsored Level 1 American Depositary Receipt (ADR) Programme, which was launched on 14 March 2013. Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas acts as the depositary bank for the ADR Programme.

Key ADR Information

Ticker symbol: CLCGY
ISIN code: US18682W2052
CUSIP code: 18682W205
Structure: Sponsored Level I ADR
Exchange: OTC
Ratio (Ord:DR): 2:1

Contact details for ADR holders

Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas
c/o American Stock Transfer & Trust Company
Peck Slip Station
P.O. Box 2050
New York, NY 10272-2050

Email: [email protected]

Shareholder Service (toll-free) Tel: +1 866 706 0509
Shareholder Service (international) Tel: +1 718 921 8124

Contact details for ADR brokers and institutional investors

US Tel: +1 212 250 9100
UK Tel: +44 207 547 6500

What is an American Depositary Receipt (ADR)?

An ADR is a negotiable US certificate representing ownership of shares in a non-US corporation. ADRs are denominated in US dollars, and trade and settle like US stocks. They are issued by a depositary bank and are backed by underlying shares held in custody. Dividends are paid to investors in US dollars. ADRs were specifically designed to facilitate the purchase, holding and sale of non-US securities by US investors, and to provide a corporate finance vehicle for non-US companies.