Sustainability strategy

The group’s business strategy seeks to create sustainable long-term shareholder value through a retail-led health, beauty and wellness offering. A key business objective for the group is to ensure sustainability through efficient cash and capital management and adopting robust environmental, social and governance practices. Effective delivery on this objective requires ongoing sustainability integration into decision-making across the group.

The group’s sustainability strategy prioritises sustainability-related issues that impact on its ability to create, preserve, and enable value across a range of stakeholder groups. The strategic sustainability framework is informed by key sustainability issues, playing a significant role in informing decision-making in relation to current and emerging social and environmental challenges. It also helps to align efforts with UN SDGs.

The group’s sustainability practices align broadly with selected Sustainable Development Goals:

In seeking to align with the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosure (TCFD), the group has embarked on setting carbon neutrality targets for its carbon emissions to provide a pathway towards carbon neutrality.

Further information on the group’s sustainability response and impact on society, the environment and the economy is presented in the Sustainability report and databook available at

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