7 July 2004

Release Date: 2004/07/07

The incidence of skin cancer in South Africa is amongst the highest in the world and is on the increase, with more than 10 000 new cases being diagnosed annually. However, skin cancer is preventable and, if detected early, is highly curable.

80% of skin damage that can lead to melanoma occurs before the age of 18, but only manifests later in life. In the light of this alarming statistic, the Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA) has developed a SunSmart Campaign specifically targeting pupils, teachers and mothers of babies and toddlers. The campaign highlights the dangers of excessive exposure to the harsh African sun and promotes smart preventative measures to prevent sunburn that can lead to skin cancer.

In a mutually beneficial move, CANSA and Clicks have joined forces to spread the SunSmart message to all communities in South Africa. Like CANSA, Clicks is committed to promoting healthy lifestyle choices and whilst currently marketing health and beauty products, is in the process of incorporating pharmacy dispensaries into its operation..

Clicks has committed to a sponsorship of R330 000. This will enable CANSA to produce and distribute leaflets and posters in seven languages to communities throughout South Africa through their schools programme, at outdoor events as well as exhibitions.

All Clicks stores will also carry leaflets and participate in the SunSmart campaign. Pharmacists and skin care consultants at Clicks will be able to provide current and relevant advice to consumers buying skin and sun care products in their stores countrywide.

Joel Perry, Director of Health Programmes at CANSA says “we welcome this collaboration with Clicks and look forward to it becoming a significant venture that will continue to grow to the mutual benefit of CANSA, Clicks and its customers.”

Lara Bryant, Brand Leader of Clicks says, “Clicks is delighted to be associated with CANSA. While skin cancer has the highest incidence of any cancer in South Africa, it also has the greatest opportunity to be prevented. Through education and awareness there is a vital role that CANSA and Clicks can play in reducing the incidence of skin cancer.”

A corporate wellness package is currently being developed and will see CANSA educating and training the employees of companies like Clicks, who partner CANSA in the fight against cancer.

CANSA’s SunSmart Campaign focuses on the summer season from November 2004 to February 2005.

CANSA and Clicks will continue to explore opportunities to further develop their partnership on a national basis, because it’s the smart thing to do.

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