Corporate Overview | Executive Management

Executive Management

Vikesh Ramsunder - Chief executive officer

Age: 50

B Com, MBL
Appointed as a director January 2019

Member of the social and ethics committee

Expertise and experience: Retail and commercial. Vikesh was appointed chief executive officer in January 2019. Prior to this he was chief operating officer of the Clicks brand from 2015, and was managing director of UPD, the group’s pharmaceutical wholesaler, from 2010, where he was instrumental in driving UPD’s integrated pharmaceutical wholesale and distribution strategy. He has served in store, logistics and management positions across the group since joining in 1993.

Michael Fleming - Chief financial officer

Age: 54

B Com, CTA, CA (SA)
Appointed as a director in March 2011

Expertise and experience: Accounting, finance and investor relations management. Michael was previously chief financial officer of Tiger Brands Limited. He joined the Tiger Brands group in 2000, was appointed as financial executive of the Tiger Brands consumer brands division in 2005 and promoted to chief financial officer in June 2008. While CFO of Tiger Brands, he also served as a non-executive director of Oceana Group Limited.

Bertina Engelbrecht - Corporate affairs director

Age: 58

B Proc, LL M, admitted attorney
Appointed as a director in March 2008

Expertise and experience: Human resources. She was previously general manager for Shell SA Energy and regional human resources manager for Shell Oil Products Africa. Prior to this she was director of organisational effectiveness at Sea Harvest, managed her own consultancy practice and spent eight years with Transnet.

Vikash Singh- Managing executive, Clicks

Age: 47

B Com (Acc), MBA (Cum Laude)
Appointed to current position in February 2021

Expertise and experience: Distribution and commercial. Vikash was appointed as managing executive: Clicks and as a member of the group executive in February 2021. Prior to this he was managing executive of UPD, the group’s pharmaceutical wholesaler and distribution business from 2015. He was instrumental in growing UPD’s market shares and building its adjacent businesses. He has an obsession for superior customer service and has worked in various positions across Clicks and UPD since joining the group in 2006.

Trevor McCoy - Managing executive, UPD

Age: 51

B Sc, PG Dipl Marketing Management, MBA
Appointed to current position in April 2021

Trevor has over 25 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical sector. Prior to joining UPD he was the country public affairs head of Sanofi. His previous roles included business unit head for diverse portfolios and therapeutic areas at Pfizer, Sanofi and Alcon. He led sales and marketing teams in developing and executing strategies for growth in both private and public sector markets.